Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Progressive Reading Series Goes Out With A Bang (or does it)?

The final Progressive Reading Series of 2008 (and maybe ever) gave all it had and nobody walked away unsatisfied even though it was definitely the least organized of them all. Lisa Margonelli told us how she went to Saddam Hussein's birthday party in 2001 (with pink hair no less)! Bucky Sinister read a classic, Michelle Tea was the Progressive Darling, Ishmael Reed owned it! Nobody could see what Zuniga was doing, (but we love you, Todd.) Justin Chin was stellar as always. Will Durst and Nato Green cracked us up. Ellen Sussman made us love and respect her (even more than before). Chris Cook made us not want to lose our hands. The All Star Minstrels played their swan song. And Stephen, the real Maverick, Elliott told us, "Everything belongs to us except for Texas and that's because it belongs to Mexico."

And that’s it for 2008. Thanks again to the Makeout Room for always being such gracious hosts; to Ellen Gould, our fabulous poster designer; Liz Worthy; Sonya Worthy; the kind folks of Dublit; the authors, many of whom traveled far to read and their publishers who donated books to sell; everyone who came clapped, cheered, drank, and tipped well. And while this was the last Progressive read for a while (and maybe ever), this site won’t go totally dark, so stay tuned). Next all we have to do is go forth and vote. Here’s hoping for a progressive 2009.