Monday, May 26, 2008

The Progressive Reading Slate

OK, time is coming up. June 3 is election day and all the hard work we've been doing around here will pay off if we defeat Proposition 98. That's the most important thing, to save rent control. But there are some other important things on the ballot as well, so here, for the first time, is the Progressive Reading Series Official Endorsements for you to print and take to the polls.

  • No No No on Proposition 98!!!!!!
  • Yes on Proposition 99. Proposition 99 fixes eminent domain laws without destroying the state's infrastructure. It also takes the issue out of Howard Jarvis' evil hands so he won't try to end rent control inside mis-named eminent domain reform bills. Also, if prop 99 and 98 both pass but 99 has more votes then it negates prop 98.

  • Yes on F. We have to insist that all major new developments in San Francisco have at least 50% truly affordable housing. We've seen what happens when you build a bunch of fancy rental units South of Market. All those new apartments but rent didn't go down at all. A lot of good people are against F, but we have to stop giving away our land. It's great to raise money, but the money will get spent, and we'll be left with what's left. There's no point in improving neighborhoods if the result is displacing poor residents. More information from Supervisor Chris Daly here.
  • No on G. More information here.

  • Yes on A. More information here.

  • Nicole Rivera for Democratic Central Committee. This is the kind of position most voters don't pay attention to, but it's actually really important in setting the agenda for the local Democratic Party. For the record, the Progressive Reading Series is not affiliated with a party, but Nicole Rivera is awesome.

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