Thursday, August 21, 2008

Larry Kissel

The September 20 reading features Aimee Bender, Daniel Handler, Glen David Gold, Jane Ganahl, and Katie Crouch. Funds raised at the door will go to support Larry Kissell, running for North Carolina's 8th District congressional seat against pro-torture incumbent Robin Hayes. We're going to have to collect everybody's information at the door: Name, address, and employer, unless you pay in advance, in which case you can go right in and grab yourself a seat.

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dinesh said...

We’ve got four new candidates coming on the act blue Net roots page thanks to huge grassroots net roots demand Jay Fanchette in CO, Larry Kissel in NC, Dan Seals in IL, and John Courage . More info on these guys coming soon. That puts us at 16 candidates. We’ll keep adding candidates.

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